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Second boss by GreyHues

Nice to meet you and thank you for sharing and taking the time to look at my critique! I hope that it is helpful for you. The colors an...



Time to expand; looking into online art courses to learn things I didn't at uni.
Hello visitors!

As the title suggests, Naughty Dog is holding a contest with We Love Fine. It's a fan art contest that ties together their top-3 games over the past 30 years: Jak and Daxter franchise, Uncharted franchise, and The Last of Us.

There are many winners, all receiving a copy of a Naughty Dog art book (of varying editions), every game in the aforementioned list, and the winning art work gets a place in their Gallery Nucleus Art show on September 27.

HOWEVER, the grand prize winner also receives a trip to LA to visit the gallery, have lunch with the Naughty Dog crew, and tour their company! While they can't fly me out (I'm international, so I'll have to pay my own way --- which coincidentally is no problem this time! I'll be in LA then!), all I want is that grand prize of visiting them.

SO! What do I need of you, you ask? I need your support! I need your vote! I need the vote of anyone you know! If you think my design accurately represents 30 years of Naughty Dog games, and would look snazzy on a T-shirt, and if you have a spare 20 seconds, would you be so kind as to follow the link below and vote for my design?

Go here:…

The only way to win the grand prize is to be voted most popular by the public. Naughty Dog founders and co-presidents are the "guest judges", but the public decides who gets to go meet these judges! Funny, huh? I could sure use you guys!

Thank you so much for your support!

Here is my design:
30 by YumeSprite
30 by YumeSprite
Happy birthday, Naughty Dog.

Over at WeLoveFine, there's a T-shirt contest going on to celebrate 30 years of awesome games from Naughty Dog. This is my second entry, one much more geared at giving their top 3 franchises (Jak and Daxter, Uncharted, The Last of Us) the loving attention to detail that they deserve. [you can see my first entry spotlighting Uncharted here: ]

Do you have a good eye? There are precisely 30 precursor orbs, 30 power cells, and 30 leaping lurkers rampaging through the design. There are over 30 characters and monsters (closer to 50), and they're all having a great game-universe-crossing time interacting with each other...or just doing what they would do best. My favorite pairs are Sig and Sully, Chloe and Krew, and Bill and Torn. Can you recognize each character? Which part is your favorite. I've uploaded a 2000 px x 2000 px image, so you should be able to zoom in enough and get exploring.

This is my tribute to Naughty Dog, my favorite video game company for over ten years. Of all the prizes I can possibly win from this contest, only the tour of their company is what I was after. I have all their games, they couldn't have flown me international, and I was already visiting family in LA during their show, so I don't need a hotel. So, although I didn't win, I was able to at least go to the meet and greet and got all of their signatures on my Collector's Edition of The Art of Naughty Dog. Thanks, ND team! I would have loved to sit down and have a proper chat, but I'll take what I can get. ;)
Nathan Drake Was Here by YumeSprite
Nathan Drake Was Here
Celebrating 30 years, Naughty Dog is having a T-shirt design contest at We Love Fine. Both the deadline and the prompt changed while I was in the middle of working on this piece, but oh, well. I really enjoyed making this one! I never do environments, so it was a huge challenge! Going so stylized is also new to me (if you look at my other stuff, I usually try to stay pretty "realistic" even with cartoons), so all in all I did, and re-did many of the shapes many times. The number one tool I used was the eraser, and all whites are transparent to lay the design on a white tee.

If I'd known the deadline was going to be extended, I'd've added more debris and the hand belonging to the body being crushed by the heli tail which drops the grenade. If I do have time over the next couple of weeks, though, I do have a new idea in mind geared more specifically towards "30 years". ;)

You can see the contest page here:…

Any votes for my design here would be hugely appreciated! I'd have to fly myself to the US to visit Naughty Dog, but that's what I would do!


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Tools: Prisma Colored Pencils, ink, Sketchbook Pro 6
From: Montana, USA
Niche: Full color illustrations, line work
Education: Graphic Design, Japanese history and language
Working towards: Animation, concept/character design
Working with: You! Send me a private message with questions about larger projects or individual commissions, or anything else on your mind.

I use DA for posting all pieces I create, from sketchy and conceptual to as polished as can be. This is also where I occasionally journal and enjoy chatting with many people casually about art - so all questions and thoughtful critiques are welcome. For a more cohesive collection of my work, follow me on Behance:

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Oh, I'd love to - and totally felt like it when I was done - but if I did I'd rather try do do it in a more unique style. I also have other projects I'm working on, so basically the answer is no. :/ I did this one specifically as an exchange with my younger sister. never know. :)
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