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Second boss by GreyHues

Nice to meet you and thank you for sharing and taking the time to look at my critique! I hope that it is helpful for you. The colors an...



Infinity by YumeSprite
This is my design and tribute to the game of Journey, made for the We Love Fine + That Game Company T-shirt contest.
Would you wear this on a T-shirt? You can vote for it here (if you're a member) until December 19:…

The game Journey lets us roam a world of beautiful wonder, giving us the sense that we are free to explore, but also inexplicably drawn to a final destination, a destiny. Yes, of course, all games have a beginning and an end and certain boundaries designed by the maker, but Journey was truly an emotional ride that brought out deep thoughts of life and cycles and purpose. It was 100% beautiful every step of the way, but to design something for a T-shirt, I knew I couldn't just use one of the more beautiful scenes (Oh, yes, I most certainly couldn't help but sketch them out! You can see them and read my entire thought process in my scraps here: Journey sketches ). So I tried to represent the overall theme of the infinite cycle of life, and how we both follow and lead. The red character, our "child" self, is whipping its robes and racing through with excitement, only looking ahead. The white character, though, has a deeper wisdom of what is going on, taking its time, and guiding the red - even if the red doesn't know it. They are working together, but not always seeing each other, and inevitably repeating the whole cycle all over again. All of the other lifeforms circle around them, all on the same Journey. It's a transparent design, meant to work on medium to dark/dull colors, particularly greys, dark blue, and dark brown. [drawn in Sketchbook Pro 6, effects and cleanup in Photoshop]

Fun personal fact: The hardest trophy for me to get in the game? "Wait a week before playing this game again". I went nuts. I waited eight days (after playing it again right away once or twice ;) ) just to be sure that I didn't accidentally not wait enough and have to wait to play the game for another week!
Journey sketches by YumeSprite
Journey sketches
The first sketches I made while looking for the concept for the Journey T-shirt contest, hosted by We Love Fine and That Game Company. I thought of easily one of the most beloved scenes in the game, when you are racing through the red tunnel with the sun blazing the mountain and city away. And although I knew it would work well on a shirt, I knew it was a bad idea and likely to be used ...but I sketched it anyway! :D My colored pencils were happy, and it got out of my head so I could find my next idea. Next I worked on one of my other personal favorite places, the underground city/"ocean bottom" when you climb through the "seaweed" and jellyfish. I thought it would make a great tall T-shirt design, but ultimately knew that it was simply too much "just a scene" from the game. It represented a single moment in the game more, rather than the meaning behind the game itself. ..but I had to finish the sketch anyway! XD It was too attached to my heart, and my colored pencils were again delighted to figure out how to quickly color intense glowing light in darkness.

Then, after I got my emotions out of the way by sketching those two, I was finally able to start picking out ideas which actually would work well on a T-shirt AND represent the game as a whole...without telling absolutely everything. ;) I did many quick pencil sketches of form, trying to work out a well-balanced design that incorporated the symbol of infinity and used both the red and white character. So, you can *barely* see it, but after working it out, I made that tiny sketch on the bottom right. It was all I needed to confirm my idea and get started digitally. You can see the final work here:
Inochi by YumeSprite
My sister asked me to design a tattoo for her a couple years ago that symbolized her beliefs in life. What was important in life? What do you need to have, to do to make it good? She gave me a list and said she wanted it to be in kanji somehow. This is how I solved that problem.

Now, 3 years later, my sister was diagnosed with thyroid cancer while she was pregnant with her second child. She had surgery to remove her thyroid in mid September, and both she and her baby are doing very well! I find that this tattoo she has is more meaningful than ever, and decided to finally post it to da.

[The kanji simply means life, pronounced "inochi" in Japanese. I don't know the Chinese pronunciation, sorry.]
Yes, I do have a twitter! Let's fly together. :) @ andrea_nagai
Ashes 5 by YumeSprite I'm thinking to re-do this old colored pencil piece digitally. ;) You can find it (and lots of old, old goodies and WIPs) in my scraps folder in my gallery!


YumeSprite's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Varied
Tools: Prisma Colored Pencils, ink, Sketchbook Pro 6
From: Montana, USA
Niche: Full color illustrations, line work
Education: Graphic Design, Japanese history and language
Working towards: Animation, concept/character design
Working with: You! Send me a private message with questions about larger projects or individual commissions, or anything else on your mind.

I use DA for posting all pieces I create, from sketchy and conceptual to as polished as can be. This is also where I occasionally journal and enjoy chatting with many people casually about art - so all questions and thoughtful critiques are welcome. For a more cohesive collection of my work, follow me on Behance:

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You may make a request if you'd like. :) I'm a little busy working on some new deadlines, but I'm sure I could draw something you'd like in my spare time. If you send me a note, we can probably work something out.
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Oh, I'd love to - and totally felt like it when I was done - but if I did I'd rather try do do it in a more unique style. I also have other projects I'm working on, so basically the answer is no. :/ I did this one specifically as an exchange with my younger sister. never know. :)
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